Posted by admin02 November 2020

As a start to the conversation, ask yourself: if you had two items, one natural and one chemical-based, and you see and experience the same effects, which one will you choose? And if you also knew that, in the long term, the chemical could cause you some harm to your health and increase the risk of developing allergies and side effects? The fact is that we all know that "greener" goods are healthier for our bodies and for the earth.The problem is that, as already described, it was very difficult to find skin care items with true and confirmed benefits, but not now.

Multiple high-performance natural ingredients are used to substitute the most prevalent and toxic additives in skin care products such as parabens, synthetic paints, phthalates and even formaldehyde. It is very important to emphasise that, contrary to common sense, "natural" does not mean "easy" or "less logical".In reality, synthetic ingredients are made to attempt to mimic the properties of natural ingredients in a cheaper, huge way, so you don't need to doubt the efficacy of natural ingredients! In the other hand, more and more literature is emerging on contaminants found in cosmetic products for diseases such as cancer.

Many natural products have potent antioxidants that tend to slow down the ageing process and lead to a healthier, radiant face. Natural skin care goods are made from non-artificial materials such as natural oils, seeds, extracts, fruit acids and even salts and mud from the Dead Sea.

Since ancient times , people have used mineral-rich water , salt and mud for curative, aesthetic and medicinal procedures to improve their look and cure a number of skin disorders. Experts have known for decades that the Dead Sea is the best store of salts, minerals and trace elements in the world, some of which are unique to the Dead Sea.Many of the minerals are vitally important, and the special composition of Dead Sea salts and mud is of great importance both in general skincare and in the treatment of problematic skin conditions.

There are, of course, particular conditions that allow for chemicals or more invasive procedures to successfully treat a specific skin condition. Your doctor is always the right person to advise you about these products and therapies.

Because of my storey, I learned this lesson in the hard way and made it my task to support others on the road to a better and more natural existence. Be wise when deciding what to put for your skin, and really do yourself a decent job in the process.